Motivating Technology Workers

There are many believes about how to keep the team motivated such that everyone strives to do better everyday. A couple of months ago I read an HBR article on this subject, which prompted me to give it some thought. In the end, I concurred with the article’s findings and was able to adapt it for the  technology world.

Here is what it boils down to:

  • Assign short assignments to each team member
  • Define short term measurable goals
  • Define tangible quality metrics and make it available on a shared site which is clearly visible to team members
  • Review work and provide feedback every week
  • Publicly recognize the member scoring high on the metrics periodically
  • Offer a small reward along with recognition to the best team member each month
  • Provide a forum for team members to share their knowledge with other team members

Offering higher salary does not increase productivity or quality. Salary being offered is a function of the demand and supply of any given skill set and experience level in any geographic location and has little to do with engineer’s motivation level.

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